Havoc Company

K3-R0 post 6

I come to, and see that Parfait badly wounded. I carry him to safety. I dump him and run up and slash the dark trooper, knocking him flat on his back. Liam carries Parfaits senseless body toward safety. Huff takes out two stormtroopers with his family ax. The Darktrooper stands up, he looks unhappy, for a droid). He tries to punch me, and hits, but not very hard. But unfortunately, it does put me off balance. The stromtroopers retreat. I swing and damage Huff’s axe on the Darktroopers jetpack. Marshall shoots him at point-blank range, putting him down for good. He picks up the plasma cannon and shoots the Darktrooper again in the head. I pick up the Darktrooper corpse and carry it as we retreat back to the ship.

Back in the ship, the medical staff hurries to resurrect Parfait, unseccessfully. Huff graciously repairs his ax for me. Eventurally, the medical staff rigs up an improvised Bacta tank. It looks like it may work.

Commander Annex asks for a debrief of the ground situation. He informs us it will be at least 48 hours before our ship will be ready to fly. He is quite supportive of any plan to remove the Raider from the equation.


siebgamer Maester_Altridge

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