Havoc Company

K3-R0 post 5

Huff prepares to rig the downed AT-ST with one of the explosives they brought back from the colony. He is quite successful and completes the task quickly. Marshal attempts to guide us back to the ship. We get lost and come around a corner to see three squads of stormtroopers across the way. At the same time an enormous explosion detonates in the distance.

I charge and slice through three stormtroopers. Unfortunately, two darktroopers arrive and hit me with their first shot, staggering me! Huff throws an explosive near the Darktrooper, and Marshall fires. The Darktrooper disappears in a flash of light.

The other Darktrooper shoots Marshall, putting him down. Parfait sticks Marshall with a stim-pack and rushes up to protect me. He then gives an inspiring speech and we all reposition ourselves (I hide, I am ashamed). The remaining darktrooper mows down Parfait in a hail of plasma. (I am now more ashamed).

Liam throws an explosive at the remaining Darktrooper. It detonates in a brilliant explosition, vaporizing the remaining darktrooper. But, another Darktrooper arrives. Marshall takes a shot at the other darktrooper. He misses!

I apply a patch. It helps, a little. The stormtroopers open up on Huff and miss.


siebgamer Maester_Altridge

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