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K3-R0 post 4

The Marshal returns from recon with a brief about the new outpost the Imperial troops are setting up. During the briefing we learn from Dala that several of the colonists have been taken prisoner. Liam and Huff seem interested in large vehicles. Ben Gantu provides us with a city map. We discuss two options: make an assault vehicle to attack and lead them away from the ship, or collapse the tunnels under the base with explosives.

Parfait speaks to the spymaster. Apparently, agent Thorne works directly for the emperor. It seems that the Empire has probably landed their entire combat contingent on the planet. There is hope that if we destroy the ground forces we might be able to take the Raider.

We split into two groups: Me, Marshal, and Liam (to kill a stormtrooper or two); and Huff and Parfait (to prepare the ambush).

The three of us head out with Marshal in the lead. Marshal finds a pair of stormtroopers who have been eaten by a sand worm, but fortunately their coms are still intact. Marshal spends some time looking around for a Jedi temple. We hear a unit report over the coms that they have been attacked by giant worms.

Liam manages to disassemble a stormtrooper helmet and hands it over to the intelligence officers to attempt to decrypt the Imperial transmissions. Marshal and I move away from the ship and attempt to communicate with the rest of the team. We find an AT-ST. Marshal jumps onto the top. I try to climb the legs, but only make it part way up before I rip out an actuator, making the AT-ST start to lurch in a circle. It takes a shot at Parfait, but thankfully misses. I manage to cut a leg of the AT-ST bringing it to the ground. It is glorious!!!

Huff comes running up and opens the hatch. Out of the hatch comes a blaster shot, and hits Huff with a shot. Marshal fires a shot into the open hatch badly wounding the pilot. I use Huff’s ax to butcher the gunner. Huff hauls the badly wounded pilot out of the cockpit. Parfait interrogates the pilot. We learn that the AT-STs are patrolling to maintain the perimeter.

We start to booby trap the AT-ST…


siebgamer Maester_Altridge

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