Havoc Company

K3-R0 post 3

There are so many people here, and none of them seem to like me. We are introduced to the leader of New Haven, Ben Gantu. They seem to blame us for their storm trooper problem. While on the way to look at the ships the colony has, the Empire begins dropping seismic charges on the planet.

After a winding trip through the tunnels we come to the New Haven hanger. Their ships look like junk! After much searching Liam and Huff find a coil and parts for weapons and shields. We return to the central cavern but everyone is gone. After Huff convinces Aremus to help us to the surface we see stormtroopers at the end of the cavern, but they withdraw.

She leads us to the surface and Liam does something fancy to determine the direction of the ship. Apparently, he hears encrypted communications while he is working to determine the direction of the ship.

When we return to the ship, it has been buried by a falling building. I quickly get to work removing the wreckage, and the ship is miraculously undamaged. All the lazy workers stand around watching. It is glorious!

Parfait convinces the captain to take the colonists with us when we leave.


siebgamer Maester_Altridge

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