Havoc Company

Huff's Log - 15

A Close Encounter With Supertroopers

I quickly rigged up a mining charge as a trap for any imperials who would venture back to investigate what happened to this AT-ST. Normally I would favor a more direct action to kill the enemy… but the sand had been stinging my ears something fierce and I was in a hurry to get out of those conditions. As we blundered our way through the storm, led by the Marshall, I came to think that we were lost… when we we stumbled upon a squad of stormtroopers. K3RO sprung into action, felling three of them with my old Axe. I’m glad to have given the axe to it. When some hovering droids with powerful weapons appeared behind the stormies I tossed a mining charge near the nearest one which the Marshall deftly shot, setting of a large explosion. That type of maneuver is called an “alley oop” on Lannik.

I turned my head when I heard the heavy clattering of human footsteps behind me and I turned my head to see Liam emerge from the sand storm. “Hi Liam”, I said, to welcome him to the fight. As this was happening I saw K3RO go down, picked up by Parfait. Marshall get shot down and picked up by Parfait. Parfait was shot down as he sidestepped like a maniac in the middle of the battle field. I ran out and picked him up. Liam took out another of the hovering droids by throwing a mining charge directly into the exhaust flame of his jetpack. Seeing red (stormtrooper blood that is), I rushed a squad of them, slaying several. Parfait followed me on the charge… impressive for an old Bothan. No sooner than the thought cross my mind than a rocket slammed into him, knocking him out. I rushed the next group of troopers, traded blows, and the cowards eventually fled.

We reached Hate’s Dagger a short time later and hatch a plan to infiltrate the Imperial Raider…


siebgamer daniel_burns_jr

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