Havoc Company

Huff's Log - 14

The Downed AT-ST

Morale was low on Hate’s Dagger as we finish delivering and installing the parts recovered on planet. We were about 20 hours from being space worthy. Marshall suggested we use a skiff to distract the Imperials when a local boy shared that the Imperials had kidnapped local families. A plan was hatched to protect the vessel, draw attention away to an ambush point, and kill stormtroopers. K3R0, Marshall, and Liam went to kill and capture a stormtrooper’s com to use as bait while I set about readying the explosives for the ambush point. Aremis (a local) led the way for Parfait and I. We found the explosives and 6 stormtroopers. To my chagrin, we backed out to wait for them to leave the area so that we can take the explosive unimpeded… the odds were not in our favor. We were left with only a few cases as the stormtroopers had taken most of the stock.

As we exited the tunnels we came face to… “legs” with an AT-ST. Fate had us meet this technological terror at the same moment as K3R0 and Marshall came upon it from the other direction. Marshall leapt onto its “head” but was unable to pry open the hatch while the droid cut out it “leg” from under it. As the winds and blew by I ran up and opened the hatch. One of the crew promptly shot me with his blaster… no matter. Marshall and K3R0 made quick work of the crew, killing one and maiming the other. I chose not to kill the pilot yet, he may have information we could use.


siebgamer daniel_burns_jr

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