Havoc Company

Huff's Log - 13

New Haven Colony

When we reached the colony the leader met is in front of a crowd of colonists and appeared to blame us for the stormtroopers’ presence on their world. Some thanks for saving his fellows in the corridors! In a more private setting we updated the leadership as to the scale of the war. A human woman named Aremis brought us to their shipyard to see about scavenging parts to fix Hate’s Dagger. Suddenly thunderous explosions, which a local called seismic charges, began to erupt.

Parfait and Liam were waylaid by a stomach pains at times throughout this whole endeavor.

When we reached what was once a hanger, my ears dropped. It did not look promising. Most ships did not look sky worthy let alone space worthy! We couldn’t find a coil to fix the hyper-drive but I hatched a genius plan to hijack a storm trooper shuttle to fly up to the raider and take their coil. Before leaving we checked one more ship and with our brains combined Liam and I found a coil! Huzzah! We loaded up a dolly with all the useful parts we found and made our way back to the main cavern of the New Haven Colony. I gave a speech to steady Aremis, the exact words elude me now, but she appeared calm so surely it was inspirational.

After finding multiple cave-ins, we reached the planet’s surface. Aremis claimed it was as close as she could get us. We readied our survival suits, talked about the wind (for reasons unknown to me), and waited as Liam used his comm to scan for broadcasts. With he heard he was able to orient us toward the ship, but he also heard encrypted communication from a different direction. Marshall left to recon the encrypted signal while the rest of us delivered the parts safely to the ship (which part of a building had fallen on). Cheers went out when our comrades saw us and K3RO quickly tossed rubble weighing tons away from the ship, and miraculously it was not damaged! As it went about its work Liam and I entered the ship and set about installing our new coil.


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